Blackrock Sands, Porthmadog, Wales – Sept 08

Review by Adam Cooke

Blackrock sands is located in Morfa Bycan neat Porthmadog in Wales.

Although most people traveled there on the day me, Tim and Garion headed up the day before and spent the night at Blackrock Sands campsite. The site itself cost just £7 per night and has good facilities, a café and a bar. The site is positioned within just a few seconds walk to the beach perfect for anyone wanting to canoe surf.

When we arived in the evening we set off to find somewhere to eat, the closest place being a pub/resturant called Tafarn Glanaber in the village about 2 miles away. The pub seems to be targeted at the nearby holiday campsites and was very busy to the point they ran out of many things on the menu thus nearly killing Tim (don’t ask). The food was OK but expensive, as where the drinks which cost nearly £9 a round for the three of us. I would recomdend traveling to Porthmadog next time in search of a resturaunt.

The next day we where disapointed by the surf conditions, although for the first time in weeks we had good weather, and I found my self getting the sun cream out. After Pete and Stuart arived we decided to paddle around the next bay to Criccieth where we stoped for a drink at the Blue China Tea Room. After a delightflull rest we paddled back to Blackrock Sands where we met up with the others and the surf had picked up just enough for us to have some fun.

Althoug the surf was not as hoped, and it being very shallow we still had a great days canoe surfing with Pete and Tim racking up 2 and 1 swims respectivly.

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