River Tame – Yoxall to Alrewas – Jan 2010

Review By Stuart

Following a post on the forum, Vic got in touch with me just after the new year to see if anyone had responded, and if i fancied a winter paddle. The planned route was from Yoxall to Alrewas on the Tame, with a “bit of a twist” at the end.

We met at Vic’s house, with icicles hanging off the boat and paddle i had left on the roof the night before(!) so we set off on our wintery way. We left one car at Alrewas, much to the amusement of the local ramblers who commented we must be mad, and wont we get cold? (only if we fall in… was our answer!)

after Vic realising that the paring restriction was 6.30PM-6.30AM, not AM-PM like he had always thought, we left the car in the layby and set off on the river. the river was flowing well, with a good level to prevent us from grounding out, even in the mill stream, though it was still shallow enough to let us know the current was underneath us at a couple of bends, we finally came to the “extra bit”

This involved a bit of a limbo to take us under the mill house, and back to the bank where we had left the car, instead of us having to paddle back upstream where the milll stream meets the Tame

we got out the water easilly and raced for our flasks for a warming cuppa before re-loading and heading back to pick the other car back up, all with the temperature still well into the minus figres (my car reckoned about minus 5!

Great little paddle on a local route

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